Snapshot - Restoring an Oracle Virtual Box Snapshot



Restoring from a snapshot restores the operating system to a specific point in time.

To begin the process open Oracle Virtual Machine Manager.



Power Off the Virtual Machine


 The virtual machine must be powered off to restore a snapshot.

If the virtual machine is not powered off right-click on the machine you wish to restore.

From the menu select Close then Power OFF


Power OFF


The following warning message will display.

If you wish to continue select Power OFF


Power OFF warning message




Restore the Virtual Machine


Left-click on the machine you wish to restore.


 Selecting Snapshot machine


Left-click on the menu bar and select Snapshots. 


select menu bar and snapshots


On the right window select the snapshot you wish to restore.


select a snapshot


Prior to restoring  the snapshot, select the Properties icon above the top right wind and then the Attributes tab in the lower right

window to verify this is the snapshot you wish to restore.

Next, select the restore icon


restore icon


The next window asks if you wish to create a snapshot of the state of the current machine.  

 This will allow you to return to the current machine state.

If you wish to create a snapshot and select Restore.

If you do not wish to do create a snapshot remove the checkmark and select Restore.


 Create a snapshot before restoring


Restoring from a snapshot does not delete the snapshot.

You may restore from any snapshot multiple times.