Importing a Flashcard Deck



To use our flashcards you must download Mnemosyne from the Mnemosyne Project website.

Flashcard decks are stored in database (.db) files, but we export flashcards in a card file (.cards).

You may import card decks into a new database or existing database.

To  import a flashcard deck into a new database start at step 1.

To import a flashcard deck into an existing database start at step 4.

1.  Download the card deck via the link provided.

2.  Create a  new database by selecting File (1)  and  New (2)


 start a new database file


3.  Provide a name for the database (1) and select save (2).


Name database


When you save the file a new screen will open with the database name on the top left.


 Database Top left


4.  Import the card deck by selecting File(1) and Import (2)


 import card deck


5. Select browse (1) to navigate to new the cards file downloaded in step 1.

Make certain you have selected Mnemosyne 2.x as the file format.



Browse for cards file


Select the cards file (2) and then Open (3)


select card database


Card deck information will display.

Select OK (5).


last card import ok


The first selected of the card deck will be displayed.


 First flash card