Selecting Cards to Study



Flashcard Tags


Each flashcard contains a tag which may be used to select  specific cards within the deck to study.

The tags appear at the top left of the flashcard.

Each tag has four fields delimited by a double colon ( :: ).

The first field will always contain the word Question.

The second and third fields indicate the chapter and topic the card  pertains to.

The fourth field designates the type of question.

Command -   define what the command will do.

Definition - define a term.

Scenario -  define an action based on the statement supplied.


 Card Tags


 You may select cards based on fields in the card tag.


 Cards By Tag                        




 Browse Card Select Chapter 



 Browse Card Select Question Topic 


 Browse Card Select Question Type



Deactivating Cards


Use the key combination Ctrl +d or the menu  Study - Deactivate Cards to Select Cards to Study.


  study deactivate cards


You can then select which cards you wish to study.  In the picture below we selected cards from:

Chapter  Character Strings and Words

Topics Strings Delimiter and Words, and Characters Meta Characters and  Encoding


Question Type Definitions.


 card select by tags


You can save the selected card set by

Selecting (1) Save this set for later use.

Entering a card set name (2)

Selecting OK (3).


 Save card select


To access the card set at a later time open Deactivating Cards and select the card set from the list.



 locate card select


Browsing Cards


Selecting Cards Browse Cards or Ctrl + b


 cards browse cards


 You may deselect those cards you do not wish to study as in Deactivating Cards (1) or

you may view a card with specific content (2).


Browse Cards


The illustration below displays all cards which contain the string case.


 containing this text