Yubikey - How to Add or Remove Yubikey



You may add Google Authenticator or Yubikey two factor authentication after you have activated your account.


This tutorial will show you two methods of adding two factor authentication to your login and how to remove two factor authentication.


Installation and use documentation for Yubikey may be found here.


Once you have downloaded the apps and are familiar with its install and use instructions  you are ready to proceed.



Method 1 - After Activating Account and Before First Login



This method assumes you have created an account, received an activation code, and  are going to login for the first time.


Before logging on look for the Edit Profile button on the top right of the screen.


Select the button edit profile.


Button Edit Profile







This will open  the form below.


Select Yubikey from the drop down menu (2).






























Method 2 - After Second Login  Adding or Removing Google Authenticator



 Once you have completed your initial login  you may add or remove two factor authentication by selecting this link.


You will be presented with the same form described above.  This form will allow you to add or remove two factor authentication.


If you are not logged on when you select this link you will be presented with a login form and then the form below.


Select Edit Profile.


Button Edit Profile







In the following form select  Yubikey  to enable Yubikey or Disable Two Factor Authentication to disable Yubikey


Remember  to close the previous window if you selected the link above.